1001Tracklists: Raving All Night With Audax

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Brazilian trio Audax is an incredibly talented set of musicians and live performers. Their backgrounds translate really well into productions which incorporate live instruments and vocals and also position them to offer a really unique live performance. We were excited to catch up with the guys celebrating the release of their latest hit, “Rave All Night,” as we dove into that track and more in our interview!

Hey guys, thanks for joining us today! How’s your year going so far?Hello guys, thanks for having us! It is a pleasure to be here. Our year is going great so far. We released some tracks and received support from artists like David Guetta and Nicky Romero. Also, we’re increasing the number of shows that we’re doing and we are receiving so much positive feedback and so much love from all of the fans and people that come see us play. Plus, we are now at the biggest booking agency in Brazil which is Plusnetwork. Our brand new studio is ready and operating. We feel like we’re at that exciting point in our career in which there is so much good stuff to come. It truly feels amazing working with good professionals and having so much to accomplish.

Can you tell us about your latest track, “Rave All Night.” How did this track come together and where did the vocals/lyrics come from?“Rave All Night” started when we were in the studio with a dark vibe. It all began when we worked those synths and that guitar that you hear at the beginning. The whole time that we were working on it, we were not thinking about anything else apart from the music that we love making. The vocals and lyrics came afterwards in collaboration with songwriter and artist Pri Pach. We already had the chorus, but we were looking for something a bit darker for the verse. We are very happy with the result. Hope you guys like it too. 

How has “Rave All Night” been going down in your live sets? What’s the crowd reaction been like?“Rave All Night” is doing great in our live sets. We’ve been opening our sets with this track for some time now. Plus, we have Andre singing it live and Pedro playing guitar every time. So, that really gets the crowd’s attention and and draws a great reaction. It’s like a band coming on stage. 

You’ve also just recently remixed Robbie Rivera’s “Be Electric.” What was that experience like?Robbie is a legend and a great human being. We are so lucky to work with him. Remixing “Be Electric” was a great experience because the original track is awesome with great vocals. It’s one of those tracks that is hypnotic. I think that we added a bit of our approach to dance music while still maintaining the original’s track essence. Robbie liked the result and we were even happier with that.

Can you talk about your approach to music production? What instruments do each of you play and what is it like working with one another?So, we all play a bit of piano. Also, João plays bass, and the twins (Andre and Pedro) both sing and play guitar. We come from playing rock n roll when we were kids, so the instruments always will play a role in our productions. We prefer vocals on our tracks. But, we know that dance music also opens a lot of possibilities without them. Our approach to music production is to always serve the song in the best way that we can to transmit emotions and great vibes to people when they hear it. We work mainly like a band in studio where everyone has a role. When someone gets tired, the other goes on, and so on. 

Can each of you tell us about some of the strengths that the other two bring to the table?João is very good with sound design and sick drops. Pedro is good with harmonies and chord progressions that turn the whole thing around. Andre is good with the lyrics and pays attention to the details (every choice of sounds, all automation). We also work alongside with Marcio Akimoto, our sound engineer. He’s the outside voice that the trio listens to the most. Also, we’ve been working lately with a very talented young producer called ViSH. We learn a lot from each other on a daily basis. It’s good to have a lot of producers around you. It makes you evolve a lot. 

Lastly, is there anything ahead this summer that you’re particularly looking forward to?We’re looking forward to playing in Europe this summer as we have some gigs lined up there. Also, we have a lot of gigs in Brazil. We have tons of music that we will be releasing this summer as well, and we’re very excited to share it all with you guys. Thank you so much and we hope to be back here very soon. Cheers! You can buy or stream your copy of “Rave All Night” on your platform of choice today! https://rundbn.lnk.to/raveallnight Connect with Audax:SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram
short link 1001.tl/lk5dbu